The internet is ablaze and it’s all thanks to the incredible Yvonne Nelson. This Ghanaian actress, who has conquered both the screen and the literary world, made history on June 18, 2023. Her memoir, entitled ‘I am not Yvonne Nelson’, was unveiled with great fanfare at the breathtaking Peduase Valley Resort. The event attracted a star-studded crowd, including celebrities and savvy entrepreneurs. Since its release, this book has ignited a storm online, captivating the conversations of audiences far and wide. But it’s not just the book that has everyone buzzing; it’s the shocking revelations that confirm long-standing rumors and scandals that have circulated for years.

From explosive paternity claims to her entangled relationships with the likes of Iyanya, Sarkodie, Genevieve Nnaji,
John Dumelo, and other high-profile figures, why Ghanaian actress’ new book is trending ‘I Am Not Yvonne Nelson‘ reads like a gripping thriller. For those who relish in the latest celebrity gossip, this memoir promises to keep them perched on the edge of their seats, eagerly waiting to uncover more scandalous secrets.


A brief review of ‘I Am Not Yvonne Nelson’ found online describes the book, rightly, as an explosive and riveting account of a young woman who sets out to discover herself, but finds out that she has been living with a false identity.

“The drama and the twists and turns of this moving story have all the markings of a spell-binding movie script, except that the protagonist, who is an actor, is contending with a reality that intermittently soaks her pillow with tears,” the review said..

“Uncharacteristic of an autobiography, the author comes to her audience stark naked. The book opens the door widely into the life of the author and exposes the good, the bad and the ugly sides, not only of her life, but also of the make-believe world of celebrities.”

The 263-page book comes in 20 chapters that include Iyanya and my love life, #DumsorMustStop, Akufo-Addo’s call & the offer to contest on NPP ticket, A man’s word, Nigeria and its powerful men, Celebrity bubble and the ring I accepted with tears, The prize and price of Motherhood, A visit to Mr Nelson, “Your father is Peter Ala Adjetey”, DNA Tests with Peter Ala Adjetey’s children, and so on.

‘I Am Not Yvonne Nelson’ found online describes the book, rightly, as an explosive and riveting account of a young woman.

In an intriguing revelation, the author openly discusses her entanglement with the talented rapper Sarkodie, shedding light on an unfortunate incident that occurred in 2010. During her most vulnerable moment, when she had decided to carry his child, Sarkodie unexpectedly left her to face the daunting situation alone, leading to a heartbreaking decision to terminate the pregnancy. Chapter 10 of this captivating book delves into the captivating love life of the renowned Yvonne Nelson, specifically exploring her tumultuous relationship with the charismatic musician, Iyanya. In a candid account, the actress bravely unfolds the painful truth of enduring multiple instances of betrayal by Iyanya, as he shamelessly engaged in infidelity with numerous women, including fellow actress Tonto Dikeh. Brace yourself for an account that will both captivate and inform, as the author paints a vivid picture of love, heartbreak, and the complexities of navigating fame and relationships.

In the enchanting world of Nigerian entertainment, scandals and intrigue are never far behind. Yvonne Nelson, a renowned actress and observer of the industry, recently uncovered a devastating secret involving her former flame, Iyanya. As she left his place, another actress, the one and only Tonto Dikeh, would slip through the door,
spending the night in his arms. Learning this truth shattered Nelson’s heart, driving her to social media to pour out her frustrations. In a surprising twist, Dikeh responded to Nelson’s outpouring, implying the ever-changing nature of relationships and urging her to move forward. As the drama unfolds online, fans eagerly anticipate Dikeh’s retort.

Meanwhile, seizing the opportune moment, Iyanya launches his latest musical masterpiece, the EP titled ‘Love&Trust’, which has already captivated audiences. Amidst this riveting tale, Nelson dedicates a chapter in her personal journey, titled “Genevieve Nnaji and the Rest”, to the iconic actress she affectionately describes as her “unproblematic queen”. With heartfelt admiration, she recounts her delightful experience collaborating with the screen goddess on the set of the movie “To Love and to Cherish”. The camaraderie and brilliance
that emanated from their collaboration left Nelson in awe, forever cherishing the memories.

In a compelling chapter of her book, Yvonne Nelson shares a significant moment from her life in 2020. Surprisingly, she was approached by influential politicians, who encouraged her to
run for a seat in the Ghanaian parliament. However, despite the tempting offer, Yvonne declined, driven by her unwavering loyalty towards her dear friend and colleague, John Dumelo.
While many have fixated on the gripping tales of her romantic endeavors and disappointing relationships, the true essence of the book stems from Yvonne Nelson’s profound yet tumultuous relationship with her parents.

Unraveling the layers of her personal history, Yvonne recounts how her mother adamantly upheld the belief that a man named Oko Nelson was her biological father, a claim she clung to throughout Yvonne’s life, despite Oko’s persistent denials. For countless years, this unresolved dispute caused an unbridgeable rift between Yvonne and the man she believed to be her father, leaving her with a profound sense of abandonment. The magnitude of this anguish reached its pinnacle when, faced with his impending mortality, Mr. Nelson’s true paternity was reluctantly unveiled by Yvonne’s mother.

The indescribable pain Yvonne experienced upon this revelation was only exacerbated by the tragic loss of her alleged father. As Yvonne’s emotions spilled onto the pages of her book, readers are invited to share in the profound sense of heartbreak and confusion that engulfed her, shaping the person she has become. Intriguingly, this deeply personal experience has left an indelible mark on Yvonne Nelson’s journey, prompting her to share
her story and inspire others who may be grappling with their own identities or familial connections. The stunning revelation of her true father’s identity sparked the unforgettable tale behind; the captivating book titled, ‘I Am Not Yvonne Nelson’. For years, she carried a surname that did not belong to her, unaware of her genuine ancestral lineage.
The intriguing revelation of her authentic parentage sparked the creation of the captivating memoir, titled ‘I Am Not Yvonne Nelson: The Journey of a Misnamed Soul.’ For countless years, she unsuspectingly carried a surname that did not align with her genuine roots.