Scenes for the new series of Andor were due to be shot at Winspit Quarry, near Worth Matravers in Dorset, where filming took place for the first series of Star Wars in May 2021.

Star War's tv series filming cancelled.
Star War’s tv series filming cancelled due to risks.

The National Trust, which owns the site, said plans to film had been cancelled due to “safety concerns” following recent “turbulent weather” in the area.

Winspit Quarry served as the headquarters for Saw Gerrera, featured in the eighth episode of the sci-fi series.

A National Trust spokesperson said: “The planned filming due to take place at Winspit Quarry has been cancelled due to safety concerns following the recent turbulent weather, which has increased the risk of rockfalls and landslips.

“Visitors looking to explore the Dorset coast are advised to follow signs and keep out of unsafe areas until further surveys have been undertaken to keep everyone safe.

The coast and cliffs along the stretch of the coast, including the quarry, can be unstable and naturally liable to landslips and falls – in particular after extreme weather including heavy rainfall and hot dry spells, the National Trust said.

The general manager for the Isle of Purbeck, Tracey Churcher, added: “We urge people to take the time to read warning signs and follow the instructions so they can enjoy the coast safely.