May 12, 2022

Bike Accident Solicitor – Bicycle Accident Lawyer

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Bike Accident Solicitor

Bike Accident Solicitor

We recognize that every case is unique, and we understand the challenges that emerge in bicycle accident claims since we are cyclists ourselves. We understand the numerous accident scenarios and forms of harm that cyclists face, as well as the short and long term damages and losses that follow, from dooring, flooring, and hooking to lorry eyesight requirements and infrastructure.

We are happy to be the London Cycling Campaign’s only legal partner, a 12,000-strong organisation that provides cyclists a voice in Greater London. As a trustee of the LCC, our head of cycling claims takes an active role in advocating for safer cycling.

Experts in bike accident claims

Osbornes’ cycling team is made up of approachable London attorneys with more than 40 years of expertise litigating the most complicated and serious accident cases and representing cyclists in a wide range of claims.

We have successfully collected millions of pounds for those whose lives have been ruined by significant and life-altering bicycle injuries, as well as for the families of those who have sadly died while cycling.

Our major goal is to provide you with all of the assistance you require throughout your recovery: finding you the best rehabilitative and financial package for your needs, including interim payments throughout your case, and getting you back on your bike as soon as possible.

How do I start a cycling accident claim?

Speak to a cycle accident solicitor, who should offer you a free initial assessment.  The first consideration will be whether a claim for compensation is likely to succeed. That will depend on the facts of the particular case, but if it can be proved – on the balance of probabilities – that another party was at fault and their fault caused the accident then the claim will succeed. If the lawyer believes the claim has little or no chance of success they will decline to take the case on a No Win No Fee basis. You are then at liberty to consult one or more other lawyers, because other firms may take a different view on liability or have a different appetite for risk.

It may well be that it is too early at the outset for the lawyer to have a clear idea on liability.  It may be that you are unable for various reasons to recount the accident circumstances and it can take time to gather the liability evidence together. The solicitor should then obtain the police, witness, CCTV, accident investigation and other evidence necessary to review the case on liability, pursuing the claim with the opponent’s insurers and seeking an early admission of liability.

There is a protocol that your lawyer and the third party insurers will follow, which has short time limits to deal with the exchange of initial information and which is designed to resolve issues on liability in the initial weeks after the claim is brought.

Rehabilitation is also an early consideration, and in many cases an early independent rehab assessment is carried out so that funding can be sought from the opponent to cover the cost of medical investigations, therapies and treatment.

Issues around medical assessment, prognosis and compensation assessment should wait until the injuries have stabilised, and so they tend to follow liability investigations.

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