May 12, 2022

Bijoux – 2022 latest love movie, an emperor falls in love with a street boy

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Bijoux - 2022 latest love movie

Bijoux – 2022 latest love movie

The daughter of an emperor falls in love with a street boy against her father’s wish. Countless efforts to stop the rich spoilt girl from mingling with the commoners in her neighborhood have proved futile.

Poverty looks glamorous in the eyes of the rich sometimes as she always invites her pauper friends to her parties most of the time..Her pauper handsome looking boyfriend has also got his life entangled around friends who are drug Lords,  mafia gangs and pimps.

Let’s watch as the story unfolds around these discerning youth in a web of entanglement of the elite and common caste in a small city of Bijoux-a love story is set in a modern day contemporary lifestyle backed by a vintage thematic scenery adorned by a Victorian and Gatsby inspired aesthetic costumery.

Our cherished Viewers are left in a constant state of suspense, thrill and mystery and can expect more romance and ecstatic prowess.

Bijoux – a love story, is a YouTube series exclusively powered and produced by Props Antique Vintage studios, a fast rising prop rental, photography and production studio right in the heart of Accra, Ghana.

The CEO, Priscilla Asantewaa Kontor, is an antique collector, fashion enthusiast and a vintage/Victorian costumier who has a lot to offer to the World ..Adieu!!!!!

Watch Episode one below;

bijoux movie

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