May 12, 2022

Arizona Injury Law Group | Personal Injury and Workers’ Comp Lawyers in Phoenix

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In Phoenix and other Arizona towns, Arizona Injury Law Group specializes in workers’ compensation and personal injury claims. We have decades of combined expertise successfully defending both personal injury and workers’ compensation clients, and our attorneys are qualified as specialists in workers’ compensation by the State Bar of Arizona.

They handle a wide range of Phoenix personal injury cases, including car accidents, dog bites, workers’ compensation (workplace injuries), construction site accidents, and more. Arizona Injury Law Group’s experienced attorneys can assist you file a claim, intervene in a denied workers’ compensation claim, or intervene when employers and insurance companies cause problems or refuse to pay compensation or medical treatment.

The Arizona Injury Law Group in Phoenix understands how scary the workers’ compensation procedure may be. That is why our attorneys work hard to educate and guide each of our valued clients as we represent them to the best of our abilities.

Contact AZ Injury Law Group Today!

The personal injury and workers’ compensation attorneys at Arizona Injury Law Group are readily available to help answer your legal questions. If you have been injured, schedule a free consultation with us below to learn how we can help.

They are available to:

  • Help navigate the entire legal process for both personal injuries and work-place accidents.
  • Intervene if your workers’ compensation claim has been denied.
  • Work with employers whose insurance company denies you the medical treatment you need.
  • Get you the compensation you deserve while you remain out of work.

You can either call us now at 602-346-9009 or complete the contact form below for a prompt response during normal business hours.

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