May 12, 2022

A Re-Call Election Necessary In Ghana Right Now – The King of Bloggers

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A Re-Call Election Necessary In Ghana Right Now.

I am The King of Bloggers, a lover and Ghanaian, wondering who I am in love with? My country Ghana. I know each one of you loves the country as much. This is why I wanted to discuss a problem with you. Is our dream of Ghana becoming the number 1 country in the world?

In an America irrespective of how the public is, a leader is supposed to stand by his word but in our country Ghana, public is expected to be loyal. Even though our leaders doesn’t live up to it. Bill Clinton was removed from power due to a single lie. Our leaders have to resign when they believed they failed at their job. Yes there are some good ones too and others with black money sitting in their houses. Have anyone of them resigned? We voted for our leaders, when we faced an issue, solve it.

Our constitution gives us the right, it’s our duty to meet our needs and this is the law of society. But we have never come across a leader who has kept their promises or have you ever seen such a leader? I don’t think so. We trust a party beliefs and vote for them. But our leaders are more interested in jumping ship than their duty. We did not vote for you for this purpose. A thief is a thief, even if he steals because he is hungry. This is the kind of leaders we have who switch parties for money. Are they not thieves? When will they perform their duties? We get a heart transplant right away if its stop functioning.

Why do we wait for 4 years to change our leaders thought? In wedding vows, a couple promise to stick together in sickness and health, still there is a law that lets them get a divorce. Similarly, when a leader fails at his job, why aren’t we given the right to replace him right away? When our leaders fail to do good, we deserve to recall and re-elect. Raise this question. All of us together shall demand recall in our country. If we instill responsibility in these leaders, we need to re call to the electoral commission against our leaders. If you think I am right lets support to this for a re call…. Any leader with fake promises should be removed from power.

Our mother Ghana needs fixing right away.

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